4:55 pm

Tim and I spent some time about Carnac Island this afternoon. We met up with Bart, Trav and his mrs, and their folks for a bit of a splash, food and fun in the sun. It was a bit of a bumpy ride over, the winds had kicked up a little more than Tim had expected. It was a beautiful day though :) Sun high in the sky, toasty warm weather, crystal blue water, good company, food and sea lions!

There were a small group (raft or colony?) of sea lions baking on the beach almost completely oblivious to the people around them. Curiosity meant that I had to swim ashore and get closer, of course. I think I got to within a few feet of one when it rolled over - much like Ping and I used to do in the sand like baby whales wanting a tan. Hahhahaahaha. It was pretty special being about to get that close, no boundaries, no rules, nothing, it was pretty darn special. Those sea lions have the cutest little ears and they all looked like they were snoozing with smiles on their faces!

After the boys went off to "hunt" mussels, a little more chatter and tummy fillers aboard the boat we saw one of the sea lions (I'm calling him Biggy!) pop-in for a swim. It went close to one of the other boats and scored a treat - the guys got to drop fish into it's mouth! When it was heading back toward shore, Bart, Tim and I went for a bit of a swim in hope it might come investigate. Thanks to Bart's enthusiastic porpoising about the place, Biggy swam toward us. He glided right by me and, thanks to those trusty oversized flippers I had on, I got to swim along side him for a bit. It was surreal! I'd never dreamt I would ever get to swim with a sea lion. Woooooooooo! I got to swim with a sea lion!

Awesome way to wrap up a day trip on a high!

Thanks Bart and Trav's folks for preparing most of lunch and being great hosts!

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