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I've been living under a rock!! After inhaling bottles and bottles of pink vitamin water in LA last summer.. thanks to the chemist (they call them drug stores) on the corner of Schrader and Hollywood Blvd, I've finally realized the good stuff has reached good 'ol little Perth.

Seriously it was stinking hot in LA and the ice-cold bottles of vitamin water from the corner drug-store was a godsend. Okay, so I was drawn more to the pretty colours and the fact they were ice-cold and on special for $1.50! "B-relaxed" (orangy-pink) and "Power-c" (magenta pink) were my staples over the five days I spent in LA, I'm pretty sure they were all I consumed - it was too hot to eat!... with the exception of the great Mexican food we had one night. "XXX" (maroony purple) was okay, but tasted a little strange when it warmed up.

Anyway, back to my whooop-dee-doo discovery! I found vitamin water at my local IGA on the way home from work. Yay! They didn't have any of the yummy "B-relaxed" ones though, so I settled for the power of pink.."Power-c". I have to admit they stuff is pretty pricey here so as much as I like the flavour and appreciate the sugar rush, I'm not sure I'll be hoarding the stuff like I did in LA.. until I find somewhere that stocks the goodness of "B-relaxed"..? Although according to the Australian Glacéau site, there are only seven flavours available here; and "B-relaxed" is not one of them :'(


Please oh please oh please oh please oh please Glacéau Australia, bring me some B-relaxed goodness!

Or even better still.. may we have the full range?

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