Food: Between the two of us, we selected (#39)Chicken Korma and the (#44)Kadai Lamb, a serve of garlic nan and rice to share - deciding to err on the side of portion caution. The Chicken Korma was served warm, not hot, but warm, in a little urn and was extremely creamy and tasty enough, but after a few mouthfuls began to get sickening. Our little dish of Kadai Lamb, also served warm, not quite hot, promised to be spicy, but tasted mostly like a serve of packet curry with an overdose of capsicums. The garlic nan and rice were okay, definitely nothing great.

For dessert, my companion and I tried the Golab Jamun (sp?) - she'd had them else where before and loved them. At Anghiti, the Golab Jamun is three semi-cold little round balls of dense, dough-like mixture in a small pool of lukewarm syrup - GROSS.

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Service & Ambience: The waitstaff were pleasant enough, but attentiveness is definitely not one of their attributes. In the hour we were there, other than to bring us our meal, none of the waitstaff attended our table or any of the other three to ask if the food or drinks were satisfactory or good.

Anghiti appeared clean enough and was well presented. The staff were generally cold and inattentive which was to the detriment of the general ambiance - do you really want to have to take time out of your meal to try to get the attention of a waiter?
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Overall:The food used to be pretty good, but maybe now they just microwave pre-prepared portions of everything at Anghiti? I'm a fan of fresh food, so I'm definitely not returning for what seems like poorly reheated food they now try to pass as "fresh". Also, being completely ignored by the waiter that took our payment when we tried to provide feedback about the revolting Golab Jamun just topped of the paltry experience which is now Anghiti.

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