Lately I just never seem to get around to writing a proper blog entry.. so I'm playing catch-up!

My Christmas 2008 was laid back and wonderfully stress free. Had the annual chrissie dinner with Tim's mates - again thanks Shano for organizing this year's do at the Windsor! Wooo! Gooo Shano! And thanks for everyone that turned up to make it a big smiley night. Christmas Day.. dum dum dum, we had family lunch at Deco at the Raffles Hotel, baby Eve♥ and all. Thanks GG and JC for inviting us and picking up the tab! Even though we had to wait for our table, overall it was a very pleasant experience - excellent food, good table service and great company. And Eve♥ is quickly turning into my favourite baby, okay, she is my favourite baby.

Strangely enough I chose to stay home on New Years Eve this year. I shoo-ed Timmeh off to the party we were supposed to go to, and chilled out with the kitties to a serious amount of movies and more Coke-0 than sanity. I had a great time.. alcohol free. And my giant teddybear came home before midnight even, so we had Hello-2009 hugs and kisses. Awwww-shucks, aren't we nauseating! Hahahhaha

Bright and early on January 01, 2009, we set off for Albany. Oh and we dropped the kitties off to their meow-motel on the way down.

The trip to Albany was definitely an experience - Timmeh and I barely grumbled at each other. Woo! We visited the old whaling station, the natural formations by the coast, made lots of random stops to food places, visited the awesome Valley of the Giants in nearby Walpole and had a blast picking berries. Man! Those berries were ace! Timmeh would say we ate at least the same amount we got in the tub.. you know the 'ol - Mmmmmmm! These are sooo good! One for me, one for the tub... tow for me, one for the tub.. Ooo and we chanced upon the most gorgeous beach! Crystal blue ocean, white sandy beach and all surrounded by rolling hills; I would love to camp there.. one day soon.

A few snaps from our trip:
(according to my camera it was still 03/02/08, it's like we travelled back in time when we went to Albany! Hahahahaha)

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