Today was a good day even though I burnt my hiney. Yeah funny, haha haha haha and ha f'in ha. As usual Tim and I had squabbles, I got blubby, we hugged, kissed and made up. But that has nothing to do with how it was a good day. Or how I burnt my hiney.

It was all sunny outside today, and so after an hour and a bit of moving furniture and finally tidying the bedroom I had to go to the beach. I was a grumpy bum from claustrophobia and the prospect of having to sort through a lot of clothing (read: I have a lot of random stuff), so a couple of hours at the beach was my idea of heaven. Warm, toasty, sandy, oceany, refreshingly cool watered heaven.

Oooo and I'd recently gotten my reading grove back.. yeah the one I'd recently misplaced. Not sure where it was or how I got it back, but hey, why question good fortune! So I've finished the book club book The Fingersmith last weekend and found myself the next installment of the Merry Gentry series yesterday...

Off to Cott I went armed with giant towel, new book, caesar salad from the boatshed and that new bikini - the one that I shall now call, "the one that does not cover enough bummage". Hahahahahahahaha. Seriously, that's how I burnt my bum. Okay so my back's a little toasted, but oi! I've never burnt bummage. Ever. Hahahahahahaha. It's like a traffic accident, you can't help it but you can't stop looking. Tim keeps laughing at me. Anyhoo. The book was good. The beach was excellent!

Dinner was yummy chilli mussels at Bella Romas with extra pizza for the man. I'd missed those chilli mussels...mmmm chilli mussels.

We had a pretty good good goody good day. Thanks

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