"Are you going home for Christmas? Thought you might be having a white one" said Antz. I don't think I'd ever had a blonder moment! I stared blankly at him and went, "Huh?"

It seems Antz our favourite barista thought I was American.. strange that. According to Timmeh, it's not particularly surprising. Seems it's the way I speak and that god-awful Sesame Street accent that I have. I can't say I hate the sound of my voice, but somedays I do wonder how people can stand talking to me; especially when I'm some strange mood and sound sickly chirpy and cheerful. Another of my least favourite voices is when I try to speak like a Singaporean - it's like I got whacked in the head by the stick of retardation.. this one really is bad, even the Singaporeans/Malaysians laugh at me. The positive is at least I don't put on some fake rendition of white-people-speak when I think I'm talking to non-Asians and then feign ignorance with "but that's just the way I speak". Muahahahaha haha haha ha haha.. no it's not that funny.

The past week has been mellow and I'm struggling to remember if anything of minute significance occurred... obviously not! What I do recall:
~ half-heartedly wanting to see Baz Luhrmann's Australia and then not bothering to actually go see it.
~ wondering why some people spend so much energy whingeing about being busy. All that whining just turns into background noise and people just ignore it. Say it with me.. "Boy who cried wolf" And no I'm not supposed to help you just because you think I'm not busy because I'm not whining like you are.
~ catching the bus to work for the first time in months and enjoying spacing out on the bus-ride.
~ wondering why I let myself get sun-burnt even though I know how much it bloody hurts (and now itches like a mofo!).
~ realizing Jade is twice the size she was when we first got her.
~ learning that other people can't deal with being friends with people that cheat on their friends too.
~ our cats like stir-fries and Tim will eat tofu if it's cooked with meat.
~ discussing with Boothy why I don't wear comfy shoes to work and why I look better in heels (cos I'm short and stumpy! DUH!)
~ thinking "awwww Boothy is a sweet boy and will make some chick really happy when he chances upon the right one".
~ wanting more of those yummy chilli mussels.
~ thinking thoughts of "oo I'll blog about that!" and then completely forgetting about it ten minutes later.

So it's less than two weeks to Chrissie and I still scribble randomly and wonderfully without purpose, ooh and haven't done any really present shopping. I'm thinking great coffee beans for unearthly smooth coffee, home-made cottage pie, Harajuku Lovers fragrance (OMG they are obscenely cute! Yeah, I know I'm so stereotypically Asian!), Heineken mini keg and of course the usual pots of great smelling scrubs and potions. Thursday week is going to be a frantic rush. Oh and more tragically adorable PA PJs for me.

I can't believe how full my belly is.. and only two hours till our next meal date. OMG I'm gonna be a bigger whale.

And yes, I think this is funny:

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