8:08 pm

Yesterday started awfully rough. There was a god-awful tantrum, yelling general happening of stompy feet. And no, it wasn't me.
It didn't much rosier, tried as I might to find my rose-tinted shades. Then it got worse. Takeaway and greens helped. I slept and it was Thursday.

Thursday was subdued. I had a bit of a wibble cry, spoke to B, pretended to smile, and it all got better. Getting the wee panda-mobile back sure made a difference! Ripples, Shorty and the ikea heart moved back in, I drove to the CISCO Chrissie do and everything was all better.

I went to my rack class and, I'm refreshed but fatigued, did no shopping... but I'm putting today down as a happy panda day! I feel better, so I'm better and a happier panda bear! Woooooo!

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  1. Jamie Lovely Says:

    I love Pandas. Maybe I should ask for one for Christmas!

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