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Two days to Christmas and I'm fat already!

Had the work Christmas do at ooooo... wait for it! The Grand Palace on Friday night. The food was alright, but their non-Christmas fare seems better. Every meal that I've had there that wasn't any time close to Christmas has been awesome, but the two meals I've shared there in Decembers have been not quite so impressive. Maybe the cooks get silly season stress.

The weekend was a bit of a blur of shopping, snoozing and yummy chilli mussels. Had some of the best spicy chilli mussels with Timmeh at PBR in Freo. I ordered spicy, the waitress came back and said she ordered me an "extra hot, extra chilli" serve cos she thought I could handle it. Muahahahahaha. And it was wonderfully yum!

And to top it of, we had the annual Chrissie feed for the crew last night. The Windsor is a great location for a meet up and maybe a couple of drinks, but the floor and kitchen staff really need to go back to TAFE to learn their jobs. We had a waitress that was unenthusiastic about almost every offering on the menu, spouting gems like, "Oh I don't eat here, so I wouldn't know" and "Duck freaks me out, so I'd choose something else." The kitchen at the Windsor can't cook steak if hell froze over they were the only people that had a gas burner - all of the steaks ordered were returned at least once. The Windsor's idea of a medium rare steak is grey, tough shoe leather. We all wondered what a "well-done" steak would look like - ash? And the mains were served at our tables over a two hour period, so much for timing.

It was an evening of great company in nice enough surroundings! I had a really really good time [YATAAAAAA!] But, a warning. The Windsor is not where you go if you want good steak, decent service or want to eat at the same time with anyone at your table. Muaahahahah!

The Windsor weighs in:
food: 5/10 (steak: 0/10)
service: 2/10
location: 7/10
overall experience (great company not withstanding): 4/10

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