It's been on morning radio, they're hosting "EM & WIPPA'S BIG LESBIAN WEDDING" tomorrow.. I think they said tomorrow!

It's strange that I'm not completely sure how I feel about gay marriage. I don't care if my friends are gay, I don't care if my friends are hetro, I don't care if my friends are asexual, but I'm not completely sure how I feel about gay marriage. It shouldn't matter, but I'm just going to shamelessly lean on the social conditioning theory with this one. I grew up with a parent of each sex, for most of my childhood I was surrounded by male/female pairs- everything from cartoon characters to people, at school and in the media the "norm" was male/female pairs, and the list goes on.

By no mean am I against gay unions, I think everyone deserves to be happy, and if they choose to happy with another person, so be it. Should it matter if both people in the relationship are the same sex? It shouldn't matter either either. I want my friends to be happy, gay or ungay. No point being with someone regardless of sex if they don't make you happy.

Perhaps it's just the term "marriage". I mean marriage, probably at the time of definition, was the union of the life of a male and a female. So shouldn't the union of a two males and the union of two females have their own definitive words? Like "a"+"b"+"c" =abc and all the other combinations? They're all similar in their content, but different all at the same time.

Bottom line is
person = deserve to be happy

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  1. The Alleged Ringleader Says:

    I don't think you're alone on this. People want "marriage" to be traditional between a man and a woman. I support whatever it is to give gay/lesbians equal rights so whether it be a union, marriage, or whatever I think people deserve to be with the one they love!

  2. as clara is Says:

    People deserve to be happy - I'm sticking to the new words for new kinds of unions. That way the closed minded traditionalists can keep their "word" because they got to it first, and everyone else can have their own word to describe their union :)

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