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I caught up a little Mapoon yesterday evening and realized her trip to Japan is only a few days away. Ohh I'm totally jealous! Japan.. Woooooooooooooo! I'm totally excited for her also! She's off to the land where almost everything is kitsch, awesome, taboo and socially acceptable at the same time. Oh and there's beautiful scenery, cityscapes and country, but OMG the cool gadgetry!

Because we're all grown up and have to pay for our own trips, and the fact that we're not slow-minded, dependent leeches still dependent on our parents, talk turned to how much everything was going to cost. I can't believe the AUD$ has sunk to less than USD$0.70! Hell, I knew our share market was taking a beating and the dollar had weakened, but seriously! OWIE! It was only a few months ago that I was in big 'ol USA and things were by no means expensive, and I got close to HKD$8 for our pretty plastic dollars. I'm still in stunned-mullet state about the lot, so much for springing my folks a trip to somewhere else in Asia so I get to see them and visit a new culture. Say it with me, backburner!

Oh and I got a small promotion at work, yay me! I'm still a wee iffy about how it will all pan out - my poor BDMs might see me as competition. Regardless, I'm going to play this sales game, and be pretty damn good at it.. does a $30K GP average for my first proper quarter sound decent? I've got no idea in hell how I'm gonna get there yet, but I'm not counting this month, not when I don't yet have my own sales code, expense account and car allowance.. muahahahahaha! We'll see what happens, I might not be laughing when I'm chasing numbers.

Timmeh got a bit of a promotion too, but that's his story to tell. I'm waaay happy for him, and terribly sure that he'll be un-stressed in no time even though he's all worried.

I ♥ that Timmeh ♥s me. Nothing lasts forever, but I'm gonna enjoy us for as long as we are. Oh and maybe I need to be less of a moo-moo cow and he needs to be less of a poo-poo goose.

♥ change or it'd hurt

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