8:59 pm

Had a strange conversation with a friend that really made me think. It's weird because now I'm on the other side of the fence, being good mates with the person that's the proverbial "third-party" in a relationship. Reading your friend type, "i ve been a mistress" (yes I know it's missing punctuation!) on msn does get the brain juices flowing. I mean we've spoken before and she did say she had had sexual relations with someone with a girlfriend, but my response then was to ask if she was alright. My priorities are my friend, her mental state and her being happy - her being satisfied is a plus of course.

Okay so I told her it wasn't cool to be doing it with someone else's man, but if she was going to anyway to keep herself super safe. Like ". !" + confirm + chop! safe, nothing less. I don't think it's great that she's effectively encouraging someone else to cheat, but hey it's not my choice. Fun or no fun I hope she takes care of her first, no point having fun if you end up bleeding almost to death.

Life can seem like such a soapie sometimes, and I thought I was a wannabe drama queen. Maybe it really is art mimicking life.. or life mimicking art.

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