We had a plan this weekend. We did. Go see the tulips at Araluen. And other weekend-y things we do - read not very much, chill, space, chores, shop, chill. Say it with me, CHILL.

So went the weekend beginning with brunch at Baabaa's where the servings have been altered once again.. My "Entire Breakfast" was much bigger than I remembered and would have fed us both and then some. And they'd changed the presentation of Timmeh's benedict and the usual cook wasn't there to cook his eggs, so he wasn't as happy as he usually is about brekkie at Baabaa's. Poor Antonio looked tired - most of his crew had moved on the the last month and he was on a roster of twenty-one days with no break, but he decided he should give us free OJ because we listened. I hoovered most of my meal with Timmeh's help, leaving two sausages, a slice of toast, some mushrooms and egg.. I'm not sure how I managed to stand up and waddle out of the place.. I went to the cornershop and got Antonio a Redbull for good measure, who cares if it was only 11am.

Yesterday was an icky kind of day, we had a bit of a grumble thanks to sleeping at new house and experiencing Ricky's dementure induced demented howling intermittenly through the night - it's bloodcurdling creep, I kid you not! So I completely spaced and watched all of season three of Deadwood and attempted laundry whilst Timmeh lived in pirate-world and watched the F1 with the guys next door. Totally deserved, rejuvenating write-off!

This morning we drove to the hills, chanced upon an awesome lookout, ventured to Beverley, York and spied beautiful lavender fields and wild flowers, mooed at sheep and baa-ed at cows. It was a glorious day, bits of cloud, toasty warmth of sunshine.. No tulips, no Araluen because it would have been awful - the people that run the place caused a traffic jam almost all the way to the main road, there were SUVs and screaming children walking along the crowded (parked and moving cars and walking people) single lane road. We decided we were working on being our best selves for each other, why set ourselves up to hate our surroundings.

Awesome day out on the road and the little country towns :) Mmmm lamb cutlets for dinner..

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