Ups and ups and too bloody many downs. Downs are bloody evil, they make your heart hurt, your head hurt and the snott factories in your nasal cavity work waaay overtime. Oh and sometimes they stab your hip-pocket so many times you wonder where all the blood comes from.

I've learnt I don't want any more life experiences. I'm pretty sure I've said all this before, but it's important and worth reiterating. I know enough about life to know I don't want any more of life experiences - you know the what doesn't kill you makes you stronger variety. I understand that with my sweeping statement I'm nay-saying all the positives also, but there is a point to it all. With every life experience I lose that little bit more innocence, and there's also the prospect of becoming increasingly jaded and cynical. I think I'm as jaded and cynical as I want to be, I could be more worldly, but that's something I'm willing to hand back to satan and his minions on a plate in exchange for prolonged innocence.

There's nothing I can do to unlearn or stop learning, to "un-experience" or to stop experiencing. It's bloody awful, but time sure as hell doesn't wait for me. Even though retrospect is a wonderful thing, I have no regrets about my life. It's just so damned important to learn from experiences, even the ones that aren't life changing.

Thanks Daddy, you've made me remember that when all else fails, I only need to really listen to myself because I have my answers.

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