The last couple of weeks have been uppity and downy and Timmeh's off to Sydney for work and a tiny catchup with Steggles. There's been talk of moving about and interviews and exchanges of words, I'm still a little undecided. The wee positive (?) is that in this instance I don't decide on whether or not I get the option, but if I'm presented with it, I still have the final say. Lots to think about, but hey why think about chickens when the eggs might not get laid at all.

Caught up with Bruce over breakfast in Maylands, so Italian style cafe called Rifo's. I had pancakes, which were decent but nothing to write home about. Bruce had bacon, what looked like overcooked scrambled eggs and freezer fresh hashbrowns - he put it all away, so he obviously like the stuff enough. It's awesome that he's thinking of going to Japan - one more spot to crash if I ever bother planning a trip over.. I swear it WILL happen! He seems happier and way more relaxed these days, so good on him!

So.. on to the task at hand.. procrastination!

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