Tim had planned for us to go camping over the long weekend that was two weeks ago, but a small storm that began just as we'd put up the tent. The same small storm that gave the area just south of Perth a mini tornado - it was pretty to watch from the warm, dry comfort of the car. Roads looked like they had miniature rapid flowing down them and visibility was about five meters. I'd never experienced anything quite like it. Long story short, we scoped for a camp site, made up the tent, went for food supplies, waited out the very heavy rain, packed everything back up and drove home. It wasn't that bad, we had a lot of laughs.

On Saturday, Tim decided we had to give it another go. Poor man, I chucked a spaz-attack that morning because I'd done absolutely no preparation of the trip to America that I'm currently on. But lucky almost perfect me, got her brain into gear and realized we absolutely had to go - it was our last proper weekend together for almost two months.

This time we had everything but food sorted, so triggered the stop-in at Armadale Woolworths. All these years and I'm almost certain I've never had a reason to go to Armadale, just like I'm not enough of a douche to shop in Belmont because " stuff there is cheaper" (it's crap that's why it's cheaper you donkey!). There wasn't very much there, but it was an awesome new supermarket that had everything! (read: they had American-style cheese cransky(s?)) Oh and I learnt the cost of alcopops had increased by about 50%, something about a government initiative to try to curb binge drinking in teens. Of course that's going to work... HAH! Kids are just going to go out and buy spirits instead, and get liver failure sooner, or wrap their cars around trees sooner, either either. Back to the point, we picked up some decent porterhouse steaks, salad and drinks and went on our merry way.

This time the weather didn't disappoint, it was bright and sunny with a nice cool breeze. Perfect weather. And! We got an absolutely gorgeous private spot with a creek only about fifty meters away. Had a snack, pitched the tent, went on a short bush walk along the creek, Tim showed me how to toss pebble into the water so they skip across the surface.. I tossed the pebbles and the went " plop" or "sploosh". Tim started the wood fire, we laugh at me try to chop firewood, we roasted and watched marshmallows catch fire and sat by the fire and read. It was magically serene. And all the beautiful little birds :)

Timmeh made a scrumptious dinner of perfectly cooked steak and salad, we ate by the fire... mmmmm the smell of steak and a wood fire. It was a really good night, and the stars were magical. And it got soooo cold in the wee hours of the morning! Like we were afraid to come out from under the covers even to pee, cold.

We drove home the next morning after feeding the ducks that came to visit, roasting a few more marshmallows - by now we'd gotten the technique almost down pat, and of course packing up. It was as pleasant a drive home as it was to the campsite, silly songs on the iPod, small talk and a lot of hugs.

It was only a couple of days, but it was magical. Thanks Timmeh! It's so good that we can spend time together without technology. Thanks for a another reason to love you.

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