I'm typing whilst barely comfortably reclined on a pair of seats by Gate 44 at the Hong Kong International Airport. I'm tired, sleepy and quite obviously grumpy. The flight to Hong Kong this morning at 12am was alright, but it was full and I got maybe two hours of restless sleep. Not great.

There was a quest - for me to purchase a Canon IXUS80 in pink, here at this airport where Hong Kong being the hub of everything that it is meant to be, would have them more cheaply than home. But noooo, hell am I wrong. They're a good AUD$50.00 more. So that idea's shot to hell.

It's half 12, I got off the plane at 8am and wandered about aimlessly, had Ajisen Ramen (strange stuff that I don't recommend), and now find myself reclined not quite comfortably on a pair of seats in the departure lounge with my Macbook with 22% battery power and quickly declining - just like my energy levels.

I might have a snooze for an hour and hopefully wake up and have them not changed departure gates on me again.

Until San Francisco, a power point to charge the Mac, a hot shower and a comfy bed. Oh and I have to find shoes for the wedding!

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