[Boston Legal] Shirley and Jack Rice having reunion burgers in the Old Bailey Pub in Harvard Square:

Once upon a time a girl with moonlight in her eyes
Put her hand in mine and said she loved me so
But that was once upon a time very long ago

Once upon a hill we sat beneath a willow tree
Counting all the stars and waiting for the dawn
But that was once upon a time, now the tree is gone

How the breeze ruffled through her hair
How we always laughed as though tomorrow wasn't there
We were young and didn't have a care
Where did it go?

Once upon a time the world was sweeter than we knew
Everything was ours, how happy we were then
But somehow once upon a time never comes again

(Once Upon A Time by C. Strouse, L. Adams)

Something about the song on Boston Legal made me feel nostalgic.. that and Maria and Nings' posts made me take the skip and hop down memory lane back to when my perception of life was more complicated by more simple all at the same time.

So much of my life is the same, but different. I often don't think I've done anything special with my time so far, but really whose measure of "special" am I using? (Beware, "making me feel good about me" section immediately ahead) I've had no issues so far getting work that I think I want at the time, I'm financially independent of my parents, I bought me my little car, I have a boy that loves me, I've got an awesome family of Tigger and Jade, supportive parents that can drive me crazy, a handful of friends that I've had almost forever. ooOh and I'm going on an adventure to America! Yay me!

I wouldn't have believed it at the time, but my days at school have formed my fondest memories. Everything from having to wake up an hour earlier to go to "fat class", the little sailor girl uniforms and interacting on a daily basis with other catty little monsters that thought (and still think - thank you very much) that we're better than everyone else. Okay, so we are better than everyone else - if nothing at all we don't deny who we are and don't hide behind our supposed beliefs, religion or parents; somehow black is black and white is white and grey is for the washouts.

Many of my friends have married, and a couple even have children - ohmigawwwd! natural births are scary! A shout out to Mel who has her big day planned for next March... CONGRATULATIONS SPECIAL MEL! It'd be everything you want it to be - Mel-tastic! (Gawd that was corny as hell)
It's awesome that we our class has such diverse perspectives on marriage, but I can only hope we all give the institution of marriage the weight it deserves regardless if we're for or against it. People shouldn't get married just because it would be convenient, or for selfish reasons like it would make one persons' parents feel better about the relationship, or because it would make one person feel more secure. Not really the point is it?

We all had ideas of what we wanted.. castles, gun fights, flash cars, fluffy toys, shaggy purebreds, rooms of couture.. I hope we get it all. Good luck mates!

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