I don't get how getting suffocated to the point of fainting is fun. Still.. guess you don't knock it till you try it?

How I think it works is via the compression of the chest area which reduces blood flow to the heart and therefore from the heart and to the brain. The reduced blood flow to the brain causes some sort of hypoxic euphoria which feels oddly pleasurable?

I wouldn't encourage it, but I suppose this is one of those things you attribute to the folly of youth. And if you've killed enough brain cells from repeated asphyxiation.. you might be silly enough to think it cool.

2 Responses to "euphoric asphyxi.. what?"

  1. The Alleged Ringleader Says:

    I know! I don't get it either! Most of my friends have been asked by boys at one time or another to choke them during sex. WTF?
    Who thought of this? And who was the 1st to try it?

  2. as clara is Says:

    I'm not sure who thought of it first, but I'm sure enough people think it feels good. Choking during sex huh..? Not just for the S and M clubs then - everything's mainstream these days!

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