The newest addition to our family :) Jade-jade. After a bit of serious thought and Tigger not being too upset on meeting her at the vet, we brought Jade home on Thursday night.

Jade's a feisty little girl, that's not afraid of anything. She's somehow managed to intimidate Tigger a wee bit - and he's almost five kilos! And since Thursday, I've gained baby scratches on my arms and legs from her inquisitive climbing. She loves climbing legs!

3 Responses to "jade-jade the little"

  1. Hanis Zalikha Says:

    jade is so comel! (comel is cute in malay) my cat's name is also jade!

  2. aizat.cinta.goddess Says:

    owh..the cutest!!!love kitten!!

  3. as clara is Says:

    Thanks Hanis and Aizat!
    Jade's absolutely adorable :)

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