Ohmigawd! Whitney Thompson won Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model!

I'm completely stoked! She's absolutely stunning - even though they dyed her hair platinum blonde. She's real, she's got boobs, she got hips, she's got booty, she's hot stuff!

I can only hope that when I finally get to visit Times Square in New York City in July, the billboard of Whitney will still be up there for all the world to see - namely me! It's not what Whitney is the best thing sliced bread, but what her winning the competition represents. I'm glad Tyra's finally found a real girl that had the ooomph to not lose her shine throughout the competition. Whitney does come across as a little fake in some of the footage, and she does rag on the skinny (typical model-sized) girls a little - after all, she did describe them as toothpicks (hahahahaha). But the point is, she's not "plus-sized" or "full-figured", she's just normal and damned beautiful. Hell, Whitney won America's Next Top Model, not some competition for saint-hood, and skinny bitches often call anyone that's not a size 2 or smaller fat all the time.

Whitney's an awesome winner, aesthetically anyway; she's everything thing that screams beautiful America. And I couldn't agree more with the write-up by MTV:"...“Full-figured” Whitney, more wholesome than a slice of apple pie that’s resting on top of a Bible that’s leaning on a baseball bat, is America’s Next Top Model for that very reason: she’s kind of the representative, very beautiful, face of our country."

Big big congratulations Whitney! I don't even know you but I'm glad Tyra ended up giving you the title, and you worked damned hard for it too. I don't have to know you, or even like you, because it's what your winning represents - us girls are beautiful, and we don't need to be skinny to do it.

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