Caught up with Bruce on Friday night for dinner and a movie. We went to an Indian joint near the cinemas, and yes they misplaced the reservation they made (hahaha). They had a really large colour-coded menu, pity there were no pictures! All the descriptions made the food sound yummy, and pictures would have helped my overenthusiastic self decide.

We decided to share a lamb rogan josh, hot chicken curry, a serve of spiced pea rice, plain nan and and eventually an extra serve of spiced basamati rice to soak up the remaining yummy, evil curry. The food was excellent, and the waitstaff surprised me with their good level of service. The lamb rogan josh was nicely balanced with a rich flavour and a bit of heat, and the lamb chunks were extremely tender. The hot chicken curry delivered on it's promise. It had a bright red-hot appearance and was hot! It too was well-balanced with a hint of sweetness from the stewed vegetables which fractionally distracted from the heat that grew with every yummy mouthful. I throughly enjoyed the rice and nan, which were flavoursome and really could have been dishes on their own if served with a small bowl of curry gravy. My only criticism would be that the rice was a little bit more oily than I would like, but they were by no means greasy. They did an excellent job with the curries, which didn't even portray a hint of of grease. Both Bruce and I throughly enjoyed the meal, beads of sweat building on our foreheads and all. I managed to quell the chili flame in my tummy with chilled water, Bruce decided a couple of beers would be best - I don't know if could have had room for the bubbles from the beer :)

T'was definitely good to catch up with Bruce, good conversation over really good food. And then there was the Superhero movie. It was a good spoof film - Spiderman that didn't it take itself seriously. Nothing to shout about, but I didn't feel like it was that much of a waste of my life. There were laughs, decent belly ones.

In all a really good night :) Cheers Bruce.

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