10:29 am

Ohmigawd! I can't believe a visualization of Holly Madison just after I wrote that. The thought quickly followed by her saying "Puffin!" Yikes!

No! Timmeh and I are not up the scary duff. That's years and years away.. concept itself scares me, let alone the conceiving of..

Aimee had her baby girl last week, well actually the week before last - but I didn't think it was right for me to announce it to all the world (as if people even read my blog LMAO!). Hours and hours of life-changing fun later, there was baby Eve! I've never been a fan of children and the fragility of babies scare the hell out of me. Eve is gorgeous though! She's got a chubby little baby face and is really cute when she gurgles. And she didn't cry when I held her. Yay!

Big Congratulations Aimee! I (heart) you!

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