I miss Kat.

I miss seeing her in the driveway when I come home. I miss see almost tripping over her whilst I try to get my key in the door. I miss the hearing the demanding meerrroow to be fed. I miss seeing her half-run to the kitchen and turn back midway there to check if we'd seen her going. I miss the irritating fluffs of fur around the place from her incessant grooming. I miss having her weave about my feet when I'm cooking meat of any sort in the kitchen. I miss seeing her asleep in her spot under the chair by the dining table. I miss her coming up to sniff my food and non-verbally telling me she wants some too. I miss hearing her yell at me when I'm not doing what she wants. I miss seeing her sprint up the stairs for no apparent human-style reason. I miss giving her a bit of a scratch and feeling her lean into my hand. I miss hearing and feeling her purr when she's happy. I miss seeing her try to whack Tiggy when he misguidedly thinks she'll play with him. I miss talking to her about silly things on we're watching on telly. I miss seeing her look of detached satisfaction and licking the couch or closest hand or toe or thing when we scratch her back. I miss talking to her, it always felt like she was really listening.

There's so much about Kat that I'll always miss. Maybe one day I'll just smile about them all the the tears won't follow.

I love you Kat-face. I miss you lots.

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