Timmeh and I went on a tiny road trip on the weekend past - the Sunday/Monday bit of the three-day-weekend to Margaret River and its surrounding touristy bits. I smiled lots, and I'm pretty sure our sky only went rumbly-grey once; I think it was the time we were in the caves and Timmeh got tired. I (heart) the weekend we had.

We visited the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and the Nigili (sp?) Caves, and all those food places everyone goes to.. And there was this spiced eggplant preserve at Providore that I swear I could live on with a good amount of fresh steamed rice. Ooooohhhhhhhh.

It was really, really really, and really good being with my boy on the weekend - just us. Thanks for driving Timmeh. And thanks for being my opposite and Mr Panda. I love you :)

I wish I had a beach house just on Meelup Beach... and an endless supply of that spiced eggplant preserve and fresh steamed rice.

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