A business lunch at Bar One, a pleasant escape from the working through lunch at my desk. It was a hot day, and in spite of the air-conditioning, the room was just above tepidly warm, but not quite enough to be unpleasant.

We had a lovely waitperson who was endearing and conversational, and it made easy to ignore that he'd forgotten the day's specials and had no idea what a kingfish was - not that I know what a kingfish is.. according to our wonderful server at Bar One, "like salmon, just with white flesh". Our drink orders were promptly requested and served, and we were given ample time to consider our meal choices. It was a surprise to be in a place that got it right!

I decided on a light pasta and settled on the small serve of Capellini ($18.50), which is "Angel hair pasta, blue manna crab, tomato and XV olive oil". I thought the serve was just right, it left me wanting that little bit more - not because I was hungry, but because it was so tasty. Truth be told, had there been more, I would have left feeling stuffed and uncomfortable on the very warm afternoon. My two companions also selected pasta dishes, the Fettucine ($27.50) "Ribbon pasta, sauteed chicken, spinach, basil & vermouth" and the Pasta of the Day ($28.50) which was a generous serve of homemade papadelle pasta tossed with duck and wild mushrooms. As far I as could tell, both my companions enjoyed their mains the only criticism being that they could have been more generous with the chicken and less generous with the oil in the Fettucine. I must say the Pasta of the Day looked gorgeous, who would have thought a plate of earthy browns could look so appetizing.

A productive and very pleasant lunch. You could not fault the food or the service at Bar One that afternoon. In spite of it being busy and oh so warm at 1pm, our tumblers of water were always kept full, and drinks offered when we were close to seeing the bottom of our glasses. Only criticism would be the tables could be a smidge larger, but then maybe they're into offering a more cosy dining experience.

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