The weather people have forecast storms for the days past, but no storms. Nope. I swear I felt a couple of rain drops whilst on the beach yesterday evening.. then the sky spat giant tears for all of four minutes. That was it - the storm that was meant to happen.

Another one of those days at work, I'm not sure why, but everyday's been "one of those days at work" lately. Terribly busy, snappy grumbly, buck-passing pretentiousness. I acknowledge the chip on my shoulder, if these people acknowledged the giant bricks on theirs and occasionally dusted of the extra sediments their days might get better; and I could get more stuff done. I think I'm getting bored, getting sick of the rush to do the same thing for someone else yesterday. It's all the same stuff really, different wrapping paper and ribbon doesn't makes the stuff inside any different.

On a more positive note or few..

I could realistically sleep-in till 8am and still get to work on time - when I choose to drive to work. I think I'm getting used to my car. I haven't figured a name for it yet. Soon. When we get to know each other better. I do miss the reading I got to do on the bus, the escape to whichever fantasy landscape I was reading about. I like my vroom-vroom mobile, even the bits of sand that's gathered because I've been to the beach lots.

And it's been really nice that Timmeh's taking the time to do simple things like us meeting at the beach after work - even when it's just for a fifteen minute dip, and volunteering to pick up sushi to have on the hills at Kings Park. Space. We're still in each other pockets, but not quite in the same way. He still makes me a grumpybum and I him, but the moments pass almost as quickly as they come. Feeling loved is really pretty good - even the bits where there's sad faces.

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