Another day another lunch meeting. Today we gave Sienas Mount Lawley a go. In spite of attentive, amateur style service by waitresses who didn't seem to speak any English, the experience as marred by abysmal food.

We began with the entree for the day, a tasting plate which promised meatballs, roasted capsicum, olives, marinated octopus, grissini, and Greek salad. What we were served was two small meatballs which looked like leftovers, a scoop of oil saturated warmed marinated capsicum- from a jar?- which had olives and Italian sausage tossed through it, a handful of marinated octopus pieces - the kind you turn your nose at at the supermarket because it looks rancid, a small bowl of Greek salad with wilted lettuce leaves and two sticks of grissini that looked like they came out of a box and were way past their use-by date. Least to say, there was picking at shared plate and not much actual eating..

The mains were no better, albeit served warmer than room temperature. I had the fish of the day, which was described as a grilled fillet of barramundi served with chips and salad; essentially I'd ordered a serve of fish and chips with grilled barramundi instead of the stock standard battered snapper or dory. I was served a badly pan-fried piece of fish the size of a deck of playing cards, with bits broken off the fillet where it'd stuck to the pan, and giant serve of deep fried chips of the budget freezer variety and more of the wilted salad leaves that were chucked into the "Greek salad" that was part of the entree. Unfortunately, I was unimpressed at their attempt at serving a "delicious meal".

My dining partners had "Calamari Fritti - Crisp fried squid served with chips and home made tartare sauce", "Pollo Avocado - Panfried chicken breast topped wtih avocado in a cream and garlic sauce, served with roast potatoes" and "Linguini Primavera - Linguini tossed with seasonal vegetables, in a tomato sauce". The Calamari was described as little rubber bands with "home made tartare sauce" which came out of a squeezy bottle with the same description, the Pollo was lovingly referred to as reheated stringy chicken with dry potatoes drowned in white savoury sauce and the Linguini was an abomination of boiled frozen vegetables tossed with a bottle of instant pasta sauce.

It was about $170 in total for the disgusting food, four glasses of tap water, two beers, two lemon lime and bitters and a couple of chinottos. I supposed the quality of the food explains why there were only two other tables dining at 1pm today.. I must mention that the waitresses did ask if we wanted our food packed into doggy-bags because there was so much left over. I couldn't help but laugh and politely told her to give my compliments to the chef and that my dog wouldn't eat that stuff.

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