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Work lunch at The Old Brewery this afternoon. I must say it was a pleasant experience. The weather was beautiful.. beautifully windy also. Thank you to the waitperson that encouraged us to dine inside, where the place-settings wouldn't blow away.

The only non-positive critique I have of the place is their well-loved menus, full of creases and dog-eared around the edges. The food was decent, not impeccable, but definitely fresh, succulent and flavoursome. The service, really good for Perth standards - they were perceptive (read: attentive, but not crowding).

I had my usual main of salmon, in this case, the "Crispy salmon fillet" served with Chinese broccoli and sweet shallot vinegar, and my dining partner had "Mondo’s sausages" which was "Pork, Steak and mushroom and Bratwurst on mash". My serve of salmon was medium rare, presented on some Kai Lan and had mildly crispy skin topped with caramelised shallots and a Chinese teacup of peculiar asian-style brown sauce. The slight bitterness of the Kai Lan balanced the generous splash of kecap manis that was scattered over the piece of fish. I'm still not sure what the teacup of sauce was meant to be for.. its contents tasted like watered down tempura dipping sauce. No complaints about the sausages that I was privy to; the usual yuppie amount of food intentionally left on the plate, just to convince the rest of the world they can.

A first in a while, I had a dessert with lunch. I had an interesting little Creme Brulee served with some of the best pistachio ice-cream I've tasted in a long time. The Creme Brulee was not quite what I'd hoped, it was served in another of the little Chinese teacups - and English teacup would have suited this dish better me thinks - and looked tokenly scorched. It was nice, but nothing special. My dining partner had the chocolate pudding which was really thick chocolate sauce with some lumps served in a square saucer, accompanied by a dollop of chocolate mouse - of course served on its own little dish. It didn't look particularly appealing, but it seems it was alright, albeit unexpected.

I can't help but reiterate, the service at The Old Brewery was some of the best I've experienced in Perth in a long time. Good effort old chap!

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