Some time at the beginning of summer I told myself and Timmeh, " I really want to":

~ go see a movie at one of those "outdoor" cinemas with him and laugh while grumbling about the bugs
~ have us go camping again
~ go to the beach as much as I can
~ make more decent friends that I actually want to be around
~ go crabbing
~ visit Rottnest and spend sometime there to figure out what the fuss is about
~ us to spend more real time together - not the kind where we're in the same room by default because we live in the same house, but the kind we used to where we both made an effort. (I miss that.. not having to feel like I'm competing for time with an online game).
~ did I mention go crabbing?
~ take up his offer and learn to play paintball
~ start swimming for fitness again
~ get a decent tan
~ maybe finally go to Margaret River with Timmeh like he always talked about
~ feel like I really matter, not just hear about it.

Not closing in on 50% done and summer feels like it's almost over.
Why does it feel like it's almost over?

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