I've come to the conclusion that the current mood of Singapore is the want of over-indulgence. I found the greed staggering and off-putting. It was everywhere, all the time. There's nothing wrong with wanting more, but we all know that too much of a good thing is often bad. I'm not sure it's something that the people are aware of, they may just be behaving in the only way they know how; like a cat that's completely unsure of when it might have another meal and so gorges itself at every opportunity.

The country has changed so very quickly. The seeming need for "face" is more apparent now than ever before. Some are unsure of how to react and embrace the easiest option, not react at all, whilst others get caught in the overwhelming spiral of consumerism and lose what little of themselves they had left. In every conversation I had with the proverbial person-off-the-street, there was always mention of pressure, and how life is much tougher than it was only a few years ago. They would express their frustration about their financial situation, the competition for a well-paying job and their slight questioning of whether or not their elected leaders were taking care of their interests. Every mention of the latter would be quickly followed by some statement retracting that view and a weak attempt at humour. Are they afraid of their government or that someone was listening?

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