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Why do people cheat on their partners?

Maybe it's because they can.

My take is that people cheat on their partners because they aren't afriad of losing what they have.

I don't buy into all the bullshit about "there being something missing in the relationship" or "it's just sex". If there's something missing in your relationship, work towards finding out what it is and how you can fix it together. If it's just about sex, just ask your partner and have them want you back.

Cheating on a partner isn't just about having any form of sexual relations with another person, or god forbid, animal - ewwwww! It's also any relationship you form be it sexual, digital, emotional or mental where you share with someone else a bond, closeness or intimacy with another person. Having a sexually charged or explicit conversation with someone or sharing an intimate conversation is as much cheating as physically humping them.

By no means am I saying that the only person you can be emotionally close to if your partner. There just shouldn't be a reason to go outside a relationship for a need that should be fulfilable within it. If there's something you think you need that you're not getting from your partner or the relationship you have, ask for it. It might be difficult, there may even be tears, but anything that you want badly enough is worth working for.

I've learnt a lot of late. My take on things are often simple. Everyone deserves to be in a healthy, honest relationship. Anyone who cheats on you, doesn't deserve you.

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