I've enjoyed the experiences, but am seriously questioning my ability to function following a night out (read: morning out). Wednesday was the first, and it seems we left early, it only being 3am and all and Zouk was still packed. Last night began a little past midnight. I think I half-heartedly wanted to go to St James', but Pingy's mate Wen was adamant about not - something about something I no longer have recollection of. So another outing at Zouk happened. Thanks Han for signing us in both times!

I had a pleasant weee-early hours of the morning. Started at Velvet Underground with very mild doof-doof music and more shots than my liver would ever thank me for courtesy of Wen. Then on to Phuture we trotted for a bit of light r n'b. Joy's pretty sweet, I hope we'll be mates. Danced a little, and some chick whose name I now forget (read: she was obviously memorable!) decided to join our little soiree. Ping says forgettable chick attended our school a couple years ahead of us. She was obviously memorable then too, because I have no recollection of her being. Anyhoo, I had a good time. I did wonder when forgettable chick would cut to the chase and tell Wen she wanted him oh-so-bad-baby, I don't think she could have been more obvious.

Ooo went to the Mandarin Hotel and had chicken rice at Chatterbox. It seems everything in Singapore's not open at half-4 in the morning, so hotel cafes are it if you're not game to risk your chastity in Geylang. Chicken rice was nice, but I'm not sure it was $20++ nice. What's a girl to do when there just isn't a decent kebab store about? Have $20++ chicken rice at the Mandarin on course!

I'm all good now, though there's definitely some spacing out happening. Like wwooooo.. pretty colours! Hahahahaha.

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