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Met up with the folks on Wednesday. A whole lot of walking around. Had fish head curry for lunch - of which I forgot photos. It's really not all it's cracked up to be, or I'm not that much of a fan. I'd rather have fish fillets in curry - no icky bits, and no bones.. and no icky looking face! Ewwww eating a fishy fishy face. I got to have stewed salted veges and that cabbage stirfry that makes me smile, so it all evened out. Mmm salted veges...

Had a good chat with the folks, the mother got some closure. She acknowledged that she wasn't much of a mum and other stories for other times. I left it where it was. I'm trying to leave the whole lot where it is - in the past. I'm not loving the dredging up memories to torture myself with. It's good that she's trying to deal with her issues, I don't want to get more involved than I have to.

Then more food... had steamboat, hainanese chicken rice and roast meats for dinner. The chicken rice was awesome - mmmmmmmmm awesome.. Ate way too much. Spent the rest of the evening hydrating. It was all yummy, but there had to be at least a half a kilo of salt and/or MSG in the food I'd put into my tum tum.

I was ready to fall over when I got back to Pingys'. Seems her brother had a table at Zouk for the night.. so we were going. Sleep. Wanted, no, needed sleep. Dragged my fat arse from the house at half 11, milled about outside Zouk for a good half hour waiting for people to arrive. Crikey, they're all so small and plastic - if I didn't know better I would say they lived on unrefined diesel fuel.

Zouk was packed. I was a chubby sardine in a can with shrimps and a Pingy. It was early Thursday morning and it was packed - these people either don't work or live on cigarettes to stay awake. Everyone here smokes, it's disgusting. Finally got to our table, played nice and said hi to people I didn't know. Drinks for the evening were on Han (it seems) - Chivas and some european vodka name of which I don't remember. Scotch and green tea is a surprisingly pleasant mix. Rounds of indian poker and too many trips to the potty later (yes I broke the seal waaaay too early), I that strange colour of deep pink and ready to fall asleep standing.

On the trip home, I had it in my head that I was peckish - so they decided we should have "mee mee goreng" - it's instant noodles cooked mee goreng style. It was surprisingly decent, or I was too sleepy to notice otherwise.

I remember telling myself to have a quick shower.. it didn't happen. I woke up remembering telling myself to have a quick shower.

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