T'was a long evil flight.. all five hours of it. I lie. It wasn't really evil, I was just tired from mentally imposed sleep deprivation - fucking awful stuff. And the worst bit of it is I'm not even sure why I'm having restless sleep.

There was in-flight "entertainment" and a surprisingly decent supply of pretzels and beverages. The flight wasn't full, which probably helped. For the first time in ages, the flight staff was friendly and accomodating - especially the tall guy with the receeding hairline that smiled a lot.

I rate Zodiac (the movie) as very very very and very average. It was slow and really didn't seem to achieve any level of suspense. I fell asleep well before the halfway mark and was so disappointed that when I woke up to the credit I couldn't be bothered rewinding to find out how it ended.

I gave Blades of Glory (movie) a go, and I feel absolutely horrible that I didn't get to see the whole of it. Seems the plane was landing, and there was some babble that the plane could crash if I insisted the entertainment system kept going. I was badly badly badly disappointed.

Collecting pillows off empty seats paid off during the start of my time on the flight. Think pillow-filled cushy goodness. Only downside was that I had to arrange the configuration of pillows each time I returned to my seat.

Singapore is icky humid. Not evil icky, but icky still. It seems it's unusually cool - with the pitter patter of rain and all. Yay for precipitation! Because I didn't get caught in it.

Yesterday night was mostly a write-off. I was tired. Pingy was tired. Her and Ket An took me to Mr Bean's for dinner. It turns out the old kopitiam in the triangular building that Dad used to take me to breakfast at before Girls' Bridgade on saturday mornings just outside Orchard Road is now a middle of the road cafe. Food wasn't awesome, but I was there for the company - and Pingy got to take her two little chubbsters along. They are SO cute. I might even post a piccie when I can be bothered.

And today.

Started today with takeaway nasi lemak wrapped in greased paper and token banana leaf courtesy of Pingy's mum - thanks Pingy's mum! It was definitely a pleasant surprise. I have to admit, I did wonder for a bit if my tum tum was going to be happy -strange food and all. It was pretty yum.

Spend the rest of today wandering Orchard Road. Heaps of things are different, but at the same time, a lot feels like it hasn't really changed. Singaporeans of my generation are more materialistic than I can ever rememember. Every second person seems to want "branded" everythings. It's as if the more advertising you can do for the huge fashion houses (and the smaller your bank balance), the greater your self-worth. I appreciate nice things, but I'm not willing to sacrifice any part of my happiness and comfort for "things". If something is not within my "on-whim" buying power, it's not something I should have to fork out for. Simply put, I want the lifestyle that supports drapeing myself in couture (think Prada, Gucci, Burberrys). Owning the bits that I can scrape together for myself simply will not do.

I got roasted chinese chestnuts! Okay, they might just be everyday chestnuts. Yummy everyday roasted chestnuts.

I have the folks planned for tomorrows brunch. I hope it all goes okay.

I'm twiddling with spending a couple of nights in a hotel - spending being the keyword. Hell it's $507 for a night at the Marriot! Owie! We'll see how it all goes. Might do on my last couple of nights.

Miss Tiggs and Kat.

Miss my Timmeh more.

Till next time.

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