There's this large chunk of rock plummeting towards earth and you'd think they'd be some concern. There is. I'm sure there it. People are all interested in coming out to see it; it's supposed to be the brightest comet over our skies for over 40 years. The McNaught Comet is the name of the chunk of rock. I don't know who McNaught is, but he's probably really happy there's a rock that's suffering some serious attrition named after her or him.

Tim decided that we should go sit in the warmth that is dusk over Cott beach to try to see the comet continue its graceful, serene descent. There was a serious miscalculation with the warmth, there was little environmental warmth and it was a blustry evening with serious puffing from them windmakers. Tim was warm, but quickly became cool to the touch; there was almost teeth chattering. Dusk at Cott is still beautiful, I don't think I'll ever be sick of it. The blend of the colours, the sound of the ocean, the darkening of the horizon. The stillness of it all. The calm stills me. The comet was vaguely visible. It was sighted, mission accomplished.

If I have nothing to look forward to, there is but a peaceful quiet sunset over the ocean.

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