Seriously some people live in a state of terrible, perpetual, damned pathetic inflexibility.

Bloody owie! I would know. I've been going to pilates reformer classes for the last month and finally made it to "level 1" last week. Yeah, say it with me.. "oooooo level one.." Before then I'd never thought I could feel nauseous during a pilates class - the kind of nauseous I used to get when I was over-ambitiously greedy with the weights at the gym and how many repetitions I'd set my mind to doing. Before then I'd never thought I would struggle to move my body from fatigue right after a class. Before then I'd never thought I could make the muscles that surround my ribs hurt just by breathing the day after class.

There's floor pilates and work with fitballs, but hell those are nancy-pansy compared to the workout you get from a reformer class. Now I properly understand why the girls at the class were saying they go to the pilates floor classes when they feel like "an off day".

I've got another "level 1" class tonight and I've got apprehensive bats in my tummy.. the kind that are wondering if I'll be able to walk back to my car after class. Awesome!

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