A bit late I know, but I'm blaming my grumpy tumtum for my tardiness with this post.

The United States elected their 44th president a couple of days ago and it's been slated be to be one of those historical moments where the world came to a fork in the road and chose one path over another. By no means am I saying the actions of the USA dictate the world's direction, but it sure has a huge impact.

I honestly didn't pay much attention to the whole election. I was vaguely disappointed when Hillary Clinton "stepped aside" as the democratic candidate - some mindless idle dialogue about presidential candidates "one persecuted minority at a time". Really, I didn't think America or their republican party would chance another noddy like good 'ol George Dubbaya as president so whoever won couldn't be too bad. Thatglimmer of hope ended when I heard Governor Sarah Palin speak for the first time. Yikes!

From there Obama it was. The man was seemed pretty damned intelligent, genuine, well-intentioned, just jaded enough and had had so much to lose and gain all at the same time. And you can't fight that message of hope. Everyone needs hope.

I love that this election was prequeled by the final season of The West Wing (Season 7) that was aired in 2006 (I'm one of those fans that watched the entire series too many times). Heaps of media have already covered that there are many parallels between that final season and the reality that was the 2008 election - the Santos character in the series was inspired by Obama after all. You do have to wonder though, could this be a eerie case of life imitating art?

Just in case you missed it, here's President-elect Barack Obama's victory speech in Chicago, Ill:

If nothing at all, I appreciate and accept his message of hope. The world has become a pretty damned awful, self-centered and shallow place and we could all do with a bit of positivity. There's a spot that was close to my heart, so many there either think they're powerless to affect their political environment, or are simply too conditioned and deluded into thinking it's the way everywhere should aim to be just because their parents or relatives were in the government, military or civil service. Just because you're told, doesn't mean it is. If a giant population like America can defy the odds by majority vote,anything can happen.

As with all of life's lessons, I've learnt to do my darnest to shed the dead weight, the drain on my emotions and move on without regrets.

Ooo and a song springs to mind.. laugh if you want, I'm serious! Here we go:
When You Believe (Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston) from The Prince of Egypt OST

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