I'm pretty sure I've never done this, but the world is full of first-times, so here goes!

"Do not throw the lube at her" is one of the funniest titles that have made me chuckle, so it totally deserves a special mention. It's one of many, many many, many - a couple of years worth actually! of blog entries by SO@24 that are read worthy.. here's a snapshot:

So@24: You okay?
Lil' Bro: No man. I'm not. I'm so fucking pissed.
So@24: What happened?
Lil' Bro: She broke up with me yesterday. And then she FUCKED some dude that SAME NIGHT. God. I can't believe this. How could she do this??
So@24: I know, man. I know. Well... what are you going to do now?
Lil' Bro: You know what I'm going to do?? You know what I'm going to do??
So@24: Uh oh...
Lil' Bro: I am meeting up with her to confront her about this. And you know what I'm going to do? I have a fucking tube of strawberry lube and 4 condoms in my hand. I am going to throw them in her fucking face and say, "I hope you have fun!"

My brother was angry. Very angry. And he was being dead serious; he was going to throw this bottle of strawberry lube and four contraceptives at his ex girlfriend.

SO@24 is a real character, and funnily enough a real person. Some days it's easy to forget that, and think it's just some dude trying to write his own version of "Joey". Okay, maybe that was a bad analogy - Joey having been canned and all. Point is, it's a decent read. A Joe Bloggs perspective on the whats and whys and tears of breaking up, life, chicks, family and .. feelings.

There's heaps out there about girls writing about their little lives and their breakups - hahahaha I should know! - but it's minty fresh change to read a "guy's perspective". Okay, so it's all quite similar, but it's good to know boys have feelings too.

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