I woke up feeling fat, so after two peanut butter and honey sandwiches for breakfast, exercise was in order. It felt like ages since I'd been to town, so town it was. I swear the Kookai email advertising their sale had NOTHING to do with it.

Scored an awesome parking spot on King Street and began my wander. After New York and Hong Kong, the Gucci store made me re-wonder why people bother spending so much money on factory mass-produced printed bags when the same stuff is available for way less - still mass-produced in a factory, just not owned by Gucci.. hahahahaha. The salespeople were attentive which was a plus, given I was in usual black tee and jeans with thongs. Tiffany's was larger than it looked from the outside, but ohhhh the stores in New York! I would live at Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue and survive on the sight of those damned diamonds!! For Perth, the store is sweet and the salespeople were chatty to me - maybe I looked like I fit into one of those categories of people that spend up big on material objects, (1) dressed down little rich girl, (2) asian girl with loaded oldies, or (3) bogan in the mining industry (read: serious dollar earning tradie) - the last is very un-stereotypical for obvious reasons. Or maybe they were just nice people doing their jobs, not all salespeople ignore the common folk and the try-hard wannabes that think they look expensive in chain store crap.

I had a great time shopping, some serious me time, some serious down time. A bit of an anomaly of a shopping day, the salespeople I met were all really friendly, and helpful! Basics at Kookai are awesome, they're cheap and now even cheaper with the sale. Being at the Kookai sale was tough, I had to work hard not to buy duplicates of the basics I already have.. so cyan and pinks and more black (no such thing as too much black!), no more reds and oranges.. at least until I get my nails done again next week. Wooooooo! Heaps of junk on sale at Target and Myer, but seriously there was too much crap to sift though and I couldn't be bothered today so I left with yet another pair of "different" black pants - these ones are semi-high waisted with buttons on the front, we'll wee if I wear them. Made it from handbags to shoes at DJs when I'd realized I would be late to drinks with Chris if I kept going . SIGGGGGHHHHHHH..

Met up with Chris at the Windsor, had my usual double LL&B and stuffed myself with wedges. Chris was just over writing a big assignment, so it was happy days. He'd had game this morning and drunk up big on the Coke Zero but somehow managed to still put away a whole bottle of Riesling. I like that we can still talk about random shite and just hang out. Our friendship's been through a lot of strange stuff, and before went on our trips to the USA in June there were still strange bits where I had comfort space issues. I think we're okay, like one of those we'll almost hate each other, not talk for ages but still chill on the edge of the jetty with our legs dangling over the water watching the sunset cartoons. I swear Chris is completely besotted with the USA and needs another trip or many to settle back down. He's happier and seems more focused these days, so good on him! Only a few weeks of uni to go chump! Hang in there!

Lamb chops in tomato and herb reduction calls to be cooked.. Mmmmm lamb

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