There was a plan, an actual plan.. okay more an outline, for what we were going to do yesterday. Timmeh and I had a date to go for a drive to a quiet picnic in the country and a few drinks under the stars from a sweet little lookout we'd found a couple of weeks ago.

So our day began with me scooting off to an hour of exciting grocery shopping and really blowing the budget - I had to get all those sirloins (yes all kilo and a half) because they were awesome, and Timmeh helping out with the vacuuming and last nights dishes. Got the shopping, prepped some our picnic fare, swung by town for bubble tea...

And then we noticed the sky was still clouded over.. dum dum duuum! The weather forecast had said it was going to be fine. I guess they missed out the "cloudy" but fine bit and just went with "fine" to shorten on syllables. We decided we would go on our drive anyway - it's not like it's gonna rain...

Actually it didn't rain, it was just all not-so-sunny. We stopped the the lookout over Northam, and ended up having our picnic on a rock slab by the river in York. York was strangely quiet, it's one of those sleepy looking old school towns, but the last we were there it was a little more bustley. We did get to walk along the river for a bit, and over the mini suspension bridge - yes I did jump about on it and rock it from side to side - okay WE did!

The plan for star gazing was shot to poop, there was no blue to be seen, only grey fuzzy white clouds up above. There's always next week.. no, the one after! Thanks Timmeh for driving xxxox

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