The last couple of days at work have been mighty busy - in a good way. I've always known that I'd prefer to be busy at work than sitting about twiddling my thumbs, but a few days in the last couple of weeks have really driven the point home. No way could I ever be one of those pathetic people that are in an office all day doing filing, photocopying and data entry. Talk about mind numbing! There's administrative tasks and then there's that shite that trained monkeys could do. Yesterday especially was manic, but then Fridays either are or aren't - one of those special days of the week. It's frustrating being three hours behind the eastern states, especially when the major vendors all run their head offices there. Getting anything freighted by air for next day delivery is almost a precision sport unless it was organized the previous day. i.e. By 9am here, it's noon in Sydney, so in order to make the 1pm EST courier "cut-off", the purchase order has to be raised, approved and sent to the vendor over there by 9am, so it can go though whatever process happens on that end and be picked up by a courier to be driven to the airport with all the other little or terribly large boxes. Given work officially begins where I am 8:45am.. some days it's a bit of a kafuffle.

I've presented my folks with the possibility of another brief trip, the four to seven night variety. I suggested either Thailand, Vietnam or Malaysia given how Asia is close by and not terribly expensive. I'm more keen on Thailand probably because of all the random stories Pingy's told me and also the last travel show on telly was about Bangkok. Hong Kong would be awesome to go to again.. great dim sum every morning is ace! And the markets were so much fun, if only Tim wasn't such a grumpy-pot.

No news yet from the folks about the trip, but I think my Dad's thinking he might like to visit for a bit of a change in scenery. I'm not quite sure how it would work, but I'm sure I'll make it work if he did decide he wanted to - get him is own little bachelor pad and all! Given the state of our poor dollar, it's all well and good that there's no decision about the travel. I'm saving extra hard though.. just in case.No news is good news..

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