Continuing with the happy days vibe of late, today was one of those crisp, pretty spring Sundays that fit right in. Began today with a giant skinny hot chocolate at Dome .. and then off to our usual Dim Sum joint with Aimee, Evie and... Bean who was a tardy bean! Bean made it just in time - just before we got the shrimp dumplings! We had a lot of shrimp over lots of laughs; and somehow Evie managed to stay asleep through most of the din that was brunch.

Evie's totally grown since I last spent a decent amount of time around her. She's a beautiful little thing with bright mischievous eyes, almost two teeth and a gorgeous smile. Oh, and she's a wriggle-pot too!

After dim sum, Bean and I ditched the "grown-ups" and wandered about town. Kookai's all done with their mid-season sale, so everything's not 20% off anymore - the universe has decided I don't need anymore coloured Kookai flavoured basics. Shoe shopping hasn't quite been the same since the trip to them United Sates and Hong Kong. The former had all the stuff currently on display in chain stores on display the good three months ago that I was there, and the latter had all the stuff for a whole lot less. "Gladiator" style sandals average AUD$40 here, the ones I got in Hong Kong months ago were HKG$80 and given the exchange rate then.. I think they ended up being something like AUD$12 - yay me! Anyhoo, so the visit to Zomp was fruitless; this time.

Then Tiffany's was just steps away, and the Bean was keen to see if she could find the ring.. The ring was not located - they really need a larger bling selection up there! The classic setting of the solitaire although almost the epitome of glamourous simplicity, doesn't offer much range. One style of ring with different sized stones hardly counts as a "range". Sadly, the online catalogue is a better friend - except there's no tangibility. BUM. M-bean will give present you with a stunning ring Bean! He totally will! No buts.

Shops later, the DJ's juice bar offered wonderful squeeky, fresh juice; who would have thought a trio of melon and a hint of ginger would taste so good! More shoes, more bags and uninspiring clothing later (read: we just couldn't be bothered to really look), we resigned to geekdom and went to Borders; more about that later.

Heading back in the direction of the Bean-mobile we discovered the Earth from Above display. It's and awesome presentation of gorgeous photographs of our planet created by world-famous photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand - each photo tells a story about our world and it's evolution: The display is is quite spectacular, and I'm pretty sure we both really enjoyed it.

Last stop, bubble tea! And then Timmeh came to collect me. Chill space. Salmon steaks and steamed veges for dinner.

Ooo and thanks Timmeh for setting up a space for me in your study. ♥! I'm a lucky girl!

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