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What's it mean when someone says "I love you"? Learnt today that one of my good mates parted ways with her fiance. They were together for ages, well as long as I've known anyway. The usual gig of heaps of ups and downs and all the quirks unique to their relationship.. and that fateful phrase "I love you" that gets said a lot - probably more than meant.

When someone says I love you and meant it,..
` they wouldn't leave if they've made you cry
` they would give you space but not really leave if they've made you cry
` they would learn to not do the things that make you feel bad
` they would learn what makes you smile
` they would think of you even when they aren't
` they would make you laugh even when you're furious
` they would never assume you'll eventually make up after a fight, they make it happen
` they would claim someone elses birthday gift idea as their own for your birthday, and not tell you
` they would talk less about making commitments and just let them happen
` they would only snap at you when they're ill
` they would bring you breakfast in bed, and wake you up to eat it so it won't go cold

There's all the usual cuddly ones about fuzzy feelings and smiling at thoughts but seriously, I guess I've listed some of what I think I've got... yeah, say it with me, "Awwwwww". I'm such a softie. And I know how lucky I am.. Oh and he annoys the hell out of me when he isn't making me smile.

Seriously though, it's easy for some to continue saying you love someone when when you've stopped, or maybe never even did. Well for some it's easy, after all it's all just words? It took me ages to decide if I was in love with my boy, it's a strange combination of emotions that I'd never had all at once before.. I'm calling it love. That's my definition, I might be wrong, but who's to know? It's easy to say I love you to start a relationship, especially for people that enjoy the free sex. Be it man or woman, if the sex is decent, you're confident it's safe, and the company is decent, and ultimately you just enjoy the sex, why not be in a relationship? So the other party might have delusions of grandeur for the relationship, but that's their problem. Or there's the good 'ol dollar and what can be had.. Well that's hit it right on the money (haha, pun, funny, laugh), for some, saying "I love you" can just be a convenience. And when the convenience isn't, move on.

Imagine, having just been a convenience.

I'll take being woken up to eat breakfast in bed so it won't go cold :)

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