Somedays I wonder.. okay, some days I just procrastinate and my mind wanders.. does a copycat think that by saying the person they copied is being the copycat make them feel better? These copycats often seem to think that just because they decide to proclaim they're being copied makes them the all important "trendsetter", the originator of whatever so-called coolness they're trying to claim as their own. The sad truth is that nobody cares, and the few that pay attention wonder why something is being made of nothing. These copycats fall into my (or everyones?) classification of "mindless twat that wouldn't know an original thought if it materialized and hit them in the head".

I'm not going to proclaim to the be the originator of all that is cool in hand gestures, head tilts, silly sounds and phrases in places of coherent speech, vanilla fashion sense and bloggage, but I know my mannerisms and the way I communicate aren't and haven't been generic for as long as I can remember. And no, I'm going to proclaim I have a fashion sense that's anything special, I love sneakers, thongs (of the footwear variety) and jeans too much.

It's bloody frustrating when people you know very obviously decide to copy the way you behave, talk, dress, write or "be creative" just like you do and claim to be "unique". When it happens, there are two typical reactions to adopt, the first is to be outraged and get huffy and confront the poor mindless twat, or just recognize the poor mindless twat for what it is, a poor mindless twat - no I don't believe in the "be flattered someone wants to be like you theory", if people are mindless, don't sugar-coat it. However this letting mindless twats be copycats because they're pathetic doesn't fly when it involves dollars, nothing "flies" when it involves dollars; like poor TurtleKiss who had some mindless twat copy her style of work - totally not cool.
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Afterthought: I realize some people might feel I'm discriminating against the fairer sex by using the term "twat" next to the term "mindless", feel free to substitute whatever term of endearment for the less mentally abled you choose.

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