The argument is this: playing with the Wii Fit will be conducive to improving my fatness.. well it'd eventually lessen the fatness and improve the phatness. Oh and of course all that valuable "common-interest" time with Timmeh, where we laugh at each other doing silly movements to achieve the goals of the games. And going back to the physical well-being thing, in theory spending time on the Wii Fit would ultimately provide a general measure of fitness and hopefully with prolonged use, improved my level of fitness.

I've seen way too much of it. Heard about it way more than I want. It's annoying. So much for bettering my well-being. Somethings are just not conducive to sanity. I'm still debating it.. all that for something that I might tire of, all over again. It happened with the iPod. It happened with the DS Lite. It happened with the iPod nano I decided I "needed". But I'm half convinced I want a Nintendo Wii so I can play Wii Fit.

Oui Wii?

2 Responses to "oui oui wii all the way"

  1. The Alleged Ringleader Says:

    Did you try it??
    I could use all the help I can get!

  2. as clara is Says:

    I haven't yet. My guy has.. whilst intoxicated and out with the boys. Funny stuff, he brought home footage of him and his mates - the stuff belly-aching laughter is made of!

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