Another day, almost wasted at home reclining on the bed and the couch and then the bed. I read, I surfed the web, I slept, I read some more and more sleep.

730am this morning: I woke, I went to iron they day's chosen attire, the acute abdominal pain stabbed me and I wanted to keel over. There was nothing "cute" about the damned experience. Serious amounts of searing pain, I kid you not. I realise going to work is not going to happen, and head up to the dunny. The non-oral excretion chapter of my gastrointeritis had finally manifested itself. I am not a happy girl. Throwing up is one thing, diarrhoea is a whole other world of poo - literally!

What's frustrating is I'm almost fine, except for the half hour or so every two or three hours where I just feel like something is tearing up my digestive organs and I wonder if death would be kinder. And then I fall asleep from the pain, and the cycle beings again.

The plan was to meet Nadia for dinner this evening for Japanese yumyums, and by gollygolly gosh I was going to. I want food. I really want to have yumyum food. Pain or no pain. I was fine in the couple of hours leading up to actually going, so I went - thanks to Timmeh for dropping me off! Got there, ordered a giant bento box, really about five times the food I should consider consuming given the argument I'm having with my digestive organs, but I am stubborn. the description made it sound good, so I wanted it. So there!

Decent conversation, really good yumyums. Got about two-thirds the way through when I got my first stab of pain - I don't think anyone noticed - yeah I'm proud! Just did the nod-and-smile and after about a fifteen minutes it went away, and the story continues. After the giant bento box, Nadia wanted ice-cream so off to Baskin Robbins where she got her serve of the frozen flavoured fat and I strangely felt no temptation. All that ice-cream in all their bright colours in their vats, nothing called out to me with, "Eat me..." I successfully avoided the dairy queen of calories. Walking about and the stab of pain decided to make a return visit - unhappy its last was so ignored - and I swore I was going to be a mess. Stopped into a bistro to use the bathroom, and nothing; just the freaking awful pain that made me want to crack my head on the tiles. Nadia dropped me home after that episode.. thanks!!

I've had 4 tabs of painkillers and now I'm going to hug a pillow, read and hopefully drift off to sleep. AWAY from the pain.

I enjoyed my food. I curse the pain. Even now.

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  1. So@24 Says:

    I bet you read for approx. .34 seconds before those painkillers kicked in and then BAM... gonezo.

  2. as clara is Says:

    SO@24Awww thanks man! Go to Oregon, get your questions answered :)

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