Sanity paid me a visit today. I would classify myself as having been functional and average. Amidst the feeling nauseated, throwing up, and wanting to scratch my eyes out because I was so so so hungry but couldn't eat- for fear of having to throw up- any of yum yum food I could see in the kitchen, I had a decent day. I've behaved like a sane person, no feeling awful because I looked up and my teddybear was sitting ata weird angle or anything. Can't help being frustrated about being hungry though.

Today, I've consumed the following:
Three slices of toast, four servings of Gastrolyte, a small "Tropical" flavoured slushie, a small serve of home-cooked stirfry of pork and vegetables seasoned with soy and lemongrass with rice and about six 600ml bottles of water

Today I've revisited the following (read: threw up):
Two slices of toast, a small serve of home-cooked stirfry of pork and vegetables seasoned with soy and lemongrass with rice and maybe four and a bit 600ml bottles of water, colouring from the "Tropical" slushie and some Gastrolyte mix.

I'm celebrating my sorrow, I've kept down about a slice of toast, some drink flavouring, Gastrolyte and water. Yay me!

Grrrrrr my tum tum's hungry. Poooo!

I did buy a LonelyPlanet guide to SoCalifornia though! And a couple of new (I think they're newey) "Vampyre" novels. Serious Cali trip planning is properly in the works. 80% has to be completed by Thursday week so tickets can be purchased and accomodation booked for at least the first week of our adventure. I'm excited! And bloody scared. And damn it all looks expensive.

Maybe I'll get used to feeling hungry and then I can save money on food and have more money for the trip! Yay! Like that's going to happen. I'm going to have a giant feed on Friday - four days of starving is more than a girl should have to bear. Hope the stuff stays down! Mmmm where can I find chocolate berry cheesecake?

I swear I'm so hungry I'm preoccupied with food. And good curry, I want thai green curry. Oh and a serve of pad thai noodles, tom yum broth and chicken on sugarcane skewers would be good tooo. Or a huge serve of lamb shanks with stewed tomatoes with a side serve of country fried chicken and cornbread! Yikes!

Anyhoo, lots to plan. Glad I've got Timmeh. Glad Timmeh's got me. Glad we're going to try really hard to really talk more when we're bothered with things. Excited about the vroom-vroom and the big trip. I've got butterflies the size of them prehistoric flying dinosaur-types excited. And wondering if I'll get the leave I'll be requesting or whether I'll be looking for work when I get back... eek! But that will have to wait. Come what may.

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