10:57 pm

Scanned through old photos on my hard drive. Laughed a little, smiled at scenery and laugh-cringed a whole lot more.

Never been big on taking photos of me, but I've decided I really should. Even if it's just so months later I can sift though them and laugh at myself.

Storing stuff digitally is a wonderful thing, no fiddly bits, no dust and worrying about insects eating my memories.

[Melissa Wong] I don't know why, but I miss her, something about her make me want to give her a hug an throttle her at the same time.
[Lim Ping] I can't believe we never made fun of your name at school. I love you lots. miss you desperately. Bubble tea is not the same without you. And the beach! Oh the beach...
[Ee Kai] We had a lot of time together at school, even when you "got smart" and went into the B-band. Petty arguments and all, memories we made.
[Ellen Kusumo] I like this girl. She's pretty cool- yah!, and it would be awesome if we had more time to catch-up next time.
[Esther Huang] So many arguments, but I wonder how she's doing. Last known location, Ireland. Secondary 4 was something I'll remember - all that damned last minute studying.
[Chris Irvine] We're strange we are. I miss you sometimes. Conversations about so little with so many words. I don't think I could enjoy letting time pass me by at a coffee joint with random conversation with anyone else more than with you. And the colander on your head at iKea.. priceless.
[Lee Chappel] I never really figured if it's 1 "L" or 2 in your name. I love you man! Oh I miss the shopping. And the bitching about eveything. And really I hate that you moved to Melbourne for some girl I've never met. I still think you should have bought that over-priced baby blue tee at David Jones.
[Nikki Loft] You're something else.

[Joelle Say] We never really clicked. There was just classes and assignments. Good luck to ya.
[The Singapore kids from HM] I spent heaps of time at work. Didn't really get to know you guys. Glad you've all done well :) I'm still on approved leave! 3 semesters to go...
[Shane Thomas] I'm going with ..spontaneous holiday tour guide thing that should have ended with the holiday. Not a second more. What the fuck was I thinking? Pretty clear that I wasn't. And my eyes clearly weren't working either.
[Heinz Dreher] The best and strangest lecturer in charge. You were inspirational and funny all at once. And not for a second do I believe you have any disability.

[Melbourne] I would love to see more of.. and go absolutely off my nut bar and pub hopping.
[Sydney] Okay, I'm a shopping fiend.
[Singapore] I don't know. I love/hate the place. Too capitalistic for me to feel completely comfortable in.

[San Francisco] I'm lookingn forward to it. Yeah!
[around San Francisco] I don't know what the places are called, but aye! I'm going to be there.
[somewhere in England and Scotland] Castles, pastures, Oxford Circus and all those wonderful sights. And people with funny accents.

Lots more, but it's sleep time.

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    Long time no hear! Just checking in on you

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