An absolute scorcher of a day. My left eye was and still is red as a red red rose and the left is teary in sympathy. It's still warm outside, I swear it hasn't gone below 25'C. My fringe is irritating my eye which is irritating me, and the heat really isn't helping.

I get annoyed with things like my hair in my face. I pinned the damned things up, back and wherever but it still gets blown back where it really doesn't need to be. Tendrils of hair must be banished! Gaaah! And my head's been all fuzzy, and so work went more slowly than I'm used to. Everything seemed to take extra long to do. Patience.. not a strong suit. Especially when it comes to my abilities. I know I can do stuff, I get frustrated with me when I consider I'm taking to long. Bloody matyrs and their stupid habits.

I swear I'm going to scratch my eye out.

I went to see the doctor earlier today even, and she just fixated on me having hayfever, just because I mentioned it. So it seems I have "hayfever" that encompasses "allergy-related" conjuntivitis (read: the one where my eye's gone fucky, owie, itchy and red), bad sneezies with greeny-yellow snott, an owie dry throat, and blurry head. I have so much faith in her diagnosis given she came to her conclusion by having me wait in the waiting room for twenty minutes for the appointment, and then speaking to me for about five minutes about the symptoms and discomfort I was experiencing. Hell I could have done that. I want my regular doctor - the one that actually checks for physical manifestations of illness. So I'm saying I have "hayfever" from the twelth level of hell, with a side serve of tasty green snott morsels and red eye. Bloody awesome.

The warmth of mother earth is set to continue. And tomorrow is going to be another 30+ day... Yippiiee-kai-yay-mo-fo.

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