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One of the best movies I've seen this year. "The Kingdom" is about
a group of FBI operatives who go to Saudi Arabia after a terrorist attack on an American civilian compund to attempt to find the perpetrators. The team, led by Agent Fleury, Jamie Foxx, must work with Saudi officer Haytham, and the culture clash imposes many strict limitations on the difficult mission.

The film begins with a novel title sequence, chronicling early Saudi history, and maintains a steady pace, hinting at the volatile state of Middle Eastern politics along the way. It's very well balanced, allowing the audience just enough time to keep up, keeping the violence not to gratuitous and still allowing for good story telling. More importantly, for an American-made "war-story" movie, it' very light on American self-glorification.

The only critique would be the lack of character development on anyone other than the two leads from opposing camps and the ambiguious message at the end.

All in, a very well made movie where Jamie Foxx delivered a stunning performance. 9 happy faces with a perfectly cooked roast dinner with yummy cauliflower and cheese!

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